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2017 Dec 29
Akre is a breathtakingly beautiful little historic town and one of the gems of Kurdistan. Located at the edge of the Nineveh Plains, it was traditionally a mixed town of Muslims, Jews, and Christians and was part of a string of similar settlements such as Shush and Gondik nestled against the same mountain range.
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2017 Dec 12
IN PHOTOS: Kurdistan's Koya bringing life back to region's unique farms
Farmers in Koya completed brand development training this past week as part of a project by Czech NGO Caritas to support environmentally friendly agricultural development.
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2017 Dec 04
IN PHOTOS: Five things every foreigner learns when visiting Kurdistan
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2017 Oct 25
Kirkuk: A city whose rich culture has been overshadowed by oil, conflict
Despite the ongoing crisis and displacements in the city of Kirkuk, it remains a jewel of the Middle East: a biblical city with vast oil reserves, a towering citadel, and a multi-ethnic composition that make it a microcosm of the entire region.
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2017 Oct 10
Local businesses get leg up in Kurdistan's quest to be self-sufficient
2017 Oct 08
Erbil: Walking Tour of the Cultural History of the Lower City
Erbil is renowned for its tall, fortified citadel said to be among the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in the world, if not the most. But just below the famous citadel is the lower city of Erbil, which ebbed and flowed as prosperity allowed and today is the chaotic accumulation of many centuries of cyclical depopulation and urbanization.
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2017 Sep 11
PHOTOS: Take a walking tour of Lalish's main temple
The holiest place in the Yezidi (Ezidi) religion, the tucked-away valley of Lalish is imbued with a sacred manmade and natural landscape. Lalish is located in the Duhok governorate, at the edge of Nineveh and anchoring the Ezidi heartland area.
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2017 Aug 30
Discover Amedi: the ancient imperial city perched on a hilltop
Amedi is a city on a hilltop with waterfalls cascading down and rising historic paths. It was the center of the Badinan Emirate, and also belonged to the Assyrians, Sassanids, Parthians, and other civilizations. Visit this ancient city to take a step through thousands of years of history.
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2017 Aug 26
Kurdistan: Homeland for All
TEDx talk about Duhok Governorate and the broader Kurdistan Region of Iraq, describing the ways the government and society have emerged as one of the 21st century's biggest victories over demographic, ideological, and security challanges.
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2017 Aug 21
Eight sacred places to visit in Kurdistan
There are eight places you must see to understand the spiritual significance of the Kurdistan Region to the Muslim majority as well as the Yezidi (Ezidi), Assyrian, Chaldean, Syriac and other minorities for whom this is also an ancient and sacred motherland.
2017 Jul 05
14 Reasons To Love Erbil
Erbil is the capital of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, and on 25th September will be part of a referendum to decide if and where an independent Kurdistan might get established. Here are fourteen reasons why this capital already rocks.
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Interview: Babylon FM
Erbil Governorate Short-form spots of Erbil and the broader Kurdistan Region of Iraq. All engagement was organic and without sponsored placements.
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2018 Apr 19
Opportunities to Rebuild Public Trust in the KRI
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Over 80 percent of Christians have disappeared from Iraq: Religious leaders accuse West of inaction, compare situation to Holocaust
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A glimmer of hope for peace: The time has come in Iraq to ask ourselves 'What have you done for your brother?' says Chaldean Catholic Church Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako
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Mental health services are cutting criminal justice detention rates and homelessness in L.A. County
KRG Representation in the United States
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Echoes of Genocide
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Study: Mentally ill in L.A. benefit from expanded services after special tax
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Permanent exhibit
Photography of traditional Mesopotamian methods in 20th century Iraqi architecture for the Middle East galleries of the Penn Museum.
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Journey to Kurdish Independence is Changing the Region
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Resat Kasaba interview on the referendum in Kurdistan | Gulan-Media
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Has Israel's Support for Kurdistan's Independence Helped or Harmed the Kurds?
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Don't sacrifice our Kurdish allies to Iranian hegemony
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Rep. Glenn Grothman: "Overwhelming support" in US Congress for Kurdistan referendum
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Iraq top court suspends Kurdish referendum
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Outperforming Baghdad? Explaining women's rights in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
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In the aftermath of Mosul: a secure homeland for Iraq's minorities?
Atlas Obscura Lalish Temple: The sacred shrine of the Yazidis, an obscure ancient Mesopotamian religion that's been persecuted for centuries.

CBS News
2002 Oct 07
"Levi Clancy is outstanding, indeed, with an IQ said to be over 200. At five he was unhappy in elementary school, bored in the classroom and bullied by other students in the playground. 'Now that I'm at the college, it's really terrific because the teachers are understanding,' says Levi, whose major is biological medical engineering. 'I'm learning at a fast pace and the students are wonderful.'"
LA Times
2002 Jul 03
"Imagine life for Levi Clancy. He's 11 and still can't get into a four-year college. Not because he lacks the brains. Levi has an IQ of 150--a genius scores at 140--and takes courses at Santa Monica College, a two-year community college. He has more than enough credits to graduate to attend a four-year college but is not old enough (one must be 16) to take the high school proficiency test." Actually, by this time I had graduated high school already.
LA Times
1997 Oct 17
"At home in Venice, Levi [Clancy] reads novels in English an Spanish and adds three-digit numbers in his head. Boosted by pillows so he can reach the keyboard, he runs smoothly through sophisticated computer programs such as ClarisWorks. He wants to be a bioengineer."