Levi Clancy

Project V

Increasing the visibility of Kurdistan in international entertainment media by providing official and semi-official music video production to recording artists and producers.

Ayn al-Bateekh

Ayn al-Bateekh is a line of sauces produced locally in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Mitmana ba Khomana

Packaging, marketing, and visibility support for UNIDO's food security and economic prosperity project targeting small to medium enterprises and household producers in Shaqlawa, Baharka, Darashakran Camp, and Basirma Camp.

Reber Guide

Facebook Messenger chatbot to give location-based points of interest near the user. Uses proprietary mapping system to deliver salient content quickly. Also, the chatbot delivers media-rich, short-format stories to subscribed users.
View code: github.com

Nawend Center

Website and Facebook Messenger chatbot to look up the political structure of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and also to look up and directly contact Members of Parliament.

Reber CMS

Nawend CMS organises articles around points and regions of geographic interest, with an API for easy interoperation.
View code: github.com
Try it: reber.guide

Field Center

Field Center is a forward-thinking full-featured analysis and monitoring software service for social media. Access is for YouGov internal and client use only.

Nesty CMS

Nesty CMS delivers articles and media in an AMP interface organised around article hierarchies that are flexible and nestable, with an API for easy content delivery within and between sites.
View code: github.com
Try it: studentreader.com


Uploading my photo collection to Wikimedia, with a focus on previously undocumented or poorly documented places in Kurdistan and Iraq.
View uploads: wikimedia.org
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