Levi Clancy

LA Times, 1997 Oct 17 "At home in Venice, Levi [Clancy] reads novels in English an Spanish and adds three-digit numbers in his head. Boosted by pillows so he can reach the keyboard, he runs smoothly through sophisticated computer programs such as ClarisWorks. He wants to be a bioengineer."
LA Times, 2002 Jul 03 "Imagine life for Levi Clancy. He's 11 and still can't get into a four-year college. Not because he lacks the brains. Levi has an IQ of 150--a genius scores at 140--and takes courses at Santa Monica College, a two-year community college. He has more than enough credits to graduate to attend a four-year college but is not old enough (one must be 16) to take the high school proficiency test." Actually, by this time I had graduated high school already.
CBS News, 2002 Oct 07 "Levi Clancy is outstanding, indeed, with an IQ said to be over 200. At five he was unhappy in elementary school, bored in the classroom and bullied by other students in the playground. 'Now that I'm at the college, it's really terrific because the teachers are understanding,' says Levi, whose major is biological medical engineering. 'I'm learning at a fast pace and the students are wonderful.'"