Levi Clancy

My name is Levi Clancy and I was born (1990) in Los Angeles, where I was raised, went to college, and spent my young adulthood. I am the child of a K-12 teacher and a construction worker, and they taught me the value of hard work.

When I was a child, I took some college courses and eventually transferred to university. It helped me become an independent, resourceful thinker. You can read some articles about my early college; they say I was a child prodigy.

For several years I worked in web development and graphic arts, and continue to be active in these fields. Some of my work was featured on national television. You can look at a gallery of work samples and testimonials.

When I was fifteen, I began StudentReader.com with only my original content. It continues as such today with 220,000+ annual visitors, and thousands of articles, photos, and illustrations. Some of my photos that began humbly there are now in the Chaldean Cultural Center.

At nineteen, I visited Kurdistan to see Mesopotamian history closer than back in Los Angeles. I fell in love, and four years later I relocated and have pursued an active life of work and fulfillment. I continue my life here.